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SHEN in the Home and Hospital

SHEN is best known for its work with emotions, but when the body is sick, facing or recovering from surgery, or recovering from an accident, the emotions take a back seat to survival, all except for fear. Getting the effects of fear out of the body can speed recovery greatly.

SHEN support for the Sick or Hospitalized

SHEN before surgery can greatly reduce the fear of the surgery. This is important. Some years ago a study showed that mortality following or during heart surgeries for 5% higher for those who had been exceptionally afraid of the surgery than for those who were not particularly afraid. The reason? Fear tightens the region of the heart; the relaxed heart is not stressed.

Also, SHEN following surgery markedly accelerates recovery because it hastens restoration of appetite, reduces fear and physical tension, reduces pain (lowering the need for pain meds), improves circulation, which assists the immune system, lowers fever, and promotes better rest at night — as well as stimulating the general healing process.

SHEN’s ability to reduce fever and pain has been very helpful with illnesses of all sorts.

1. When SHEN is performed at the site of local swelling and/or fever, the fever usually goes down as the swelling noticeably reduces.

2. While SHEN will not directly kill virus or bacteria it can improve circulation which will assist the immune system to work more efficiently.

3. SHEN reduces the pain of cancer and decreases the amount of pain medication necessary.

4. SHEN aids in passing kidney stones and gallstones and reduces their pain.

SHEN First Aid for the family
There are many things you can learn to do to help with your family and friends with SHEN.
Click here for simple SHEN First Aid instructions you can easily learn to do yourself.

SHEN relieves aches and pains of the elderly, settles fussy children, promoting naps and nighttime sleep and is an excellent antidote for stressed spouses.
SHEN combats Jet Lag and stabilizes the psyche following sudden shock or physical trauma.

SHEN is used for:
1. Sprains and swollen joints (but not swelling from metabolic causes.)
2. Surface wound healing.
3. Burns, scalding and sunburn
4. Helps with cranky kids. (wounded feelings, nightmares, “can’t get to sleep”)

5. Stressed out spouses.

SHEN with Pregnancy and Birthing
SHEN is noted for alleviating the pain of stretched tissue during the third trimester and for relieving the pain of childbirth, often transforming birthing into a spiritual experience.