Emotional Relief . . . Emotional Unfolding . . . Emotional Grounding . . . Emotional Empowerment

Can SHEN help you?

If any two of the following are true, SHEN can help you greatly.

Do your friends tell you that you constantly over-react?
Are you angry or upset all the time and don't know why?
Are you constantly overstressing and can't tell why?
Are you suffering from fatigue and suspect it might be your emotions?
Are you afraid of your emotions and want a safe way to resolve them?

    Are you unable to feel your emotions?

    Do your emotions constantly upset your life?

    Are you grieving and can't let go of the past?
    Have you lost the ability to feel joy?
  Is your heart closed?

Do you suffer from
anxiety attacks?
Are you filled with self-doubt? Are you
emotionally depressed?
Are you constantly afraid, even when you know there is nothing to fear?

Have you lost the person you once were?
Do you feel overwhelmed and have difficulty getting your life in order?

     Do you feel stuck in your therapy or counselling?

     Are you unable to stand up for yourself?
     Do you wonder why the same things keep happing to you, over and over?
     Do you ever wonder, "Why can't I get past this?"

Many people eventually begin to realize that their lives keep revolving through the same ordeals. They may begin to wonder if they are somehow setting themselves up for the same fall again and again, but can't figure out why or how they are doing it.

SHEN Therapy works to release old emotional memories, pain, and life-scripts buried in our subconscious minds, sometimes from very early childhood. We often carry emotional wounds and entrenched expectations far below our conscious awareness, sabotaging our most fervent efforts to change.

Just what is SHEN?

SHEN practice is a science-based form of biofield therapeutics that adheres to the physics of the biofield as deduced by Richard R. Pavek. When doing SHEN, we place our hands on your body in a series of precise, polarized locations that are indicated by the particular emotional condition you present and conform to biofield physics. This correctly focuses the qi (ch'i) from our hands so as to release the ACPR contractions trapping the painful emotions. In this way, SHEN safely lifts old, painful emotions to the surface where they disperse and leave.

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