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We are meant to evolve and grow emotionally, just as our bodies and minds evolve and grow. But just as the iron collar and cables that stabilize the young tree will eventually strangle it if not removed, the emotional do's and don'ts that protected us when we were young and the residue of early-life emotional trauma, restrict us and affect our responses to life as adults. Too often unresolved early-life grief, fear and anger cause reactions we later wish we hadn't made.

The real path to Personal Empowerment is through your emotions
SHEN is deep, thorough and safe, just the way you need a therapy to be. Since SHEN's precise hands-on techniques work directly with the emotions deep in the body, SHEN helps uncover and resolve old emotional issues safely, creating real, positive change when talk or other therapies no longer help or when you have become stuck in life. Find out more here...

Physio-Emotional Complaints – When emotion turns into physical conditions
Many bodily disorders for which doctors can find no clear biological cause stem from the body's innate contraction that traps painful emotions inside us. This reaction is not under your direct control. These conditions include PMS or PMT, Migraines, Chronic Pain and more. These debilitating disorders yield readily to SHEN because SHEN safely unlocks the contractions that began and sustain the disorder.
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Accelerating recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Trauma
SHEN gently and safely speeds recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, terror and confusion, and promotes feelings of self-worth and confidence.
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SHEN in the Hospital — SHEN First Aid in the Home

SHEN is useful in a number of situations outside its primary focus on emotion. Some of these are in the hospital or the sick bed where SHEN increases the body’s natural ability to heal itself. SHEN helps greatly with many everday situations. Find out more here....

For over 25 years we have been helping people change their lives for the better.

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